VW Air Ride is a division of Gauge Media Group Inc.  

Gauge Media Group Inc. company currently operates three divisions: GaugeMagazine; Gauge Store; and Gauge Studios.

Gauge Magazine offers many resources for marketers, enthusiast and manufacturers alike.  Features include: Internet forums, and a photographic source for new and ever changing trends within the market, features, with modification lists, , detailed interviews with Gauge Magazine models, up-to-date car and truck club directories, numerous event listings, and much more.  In November 2010 we launched the industry’s first monthly e book, the format and content is focused on readers and advertisers to provide a comprehensive look at the colorful automotive playgrounds full scope of the custom automotive lifestyle.. Gauge Magazine is for everyone from Lowrider’s to Hot Rods and makes a presence at several events across the country.

Gauge Store is a one-stop online aftermarket accessory store that came about in the summer of 2000 as a source of income to support the electronic magazine when the internet was viewed as new technology, and aftermarket automotive manufacturers and distributers were skeptical at the idea of advertising online. Gauge Store also acts as a bridge between enthusiasts, small shops and manufacturers, connecting anyone interested in aftermarket accessories to the world of custom vehicles.

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