• Image of 98-05 VW Beetle Rear Air Ride Kit

Includes the following items:

-Pair of tapered sleeve, progressive rate air springs

-Powdercoated brackets

-1/4" and 3/8" PTC fittings

-All mounting hardware

-Detailed instruction manual

Part Number: 75613

Are you all about getting your VW as low as possible? Do you still want to use your car as a daily? Do you value great ride and handling? Of course you do!

That’s why Air Lift developed the Slam Series for your MKIV. This kit allows you to drop the ride height an amazing 5.875”! Using our proprietary double bellows air struts in front with the proper frame modifications allows you to reach the lowest of lows… In the rear, we use a tapered sleeve bag to get your rear axle tucking. And best of all, you get this kind of drop with a smooth ride thanks to specially tuned damping and maximized wheel travel.

If you are into carving up stretches of asphalt, fear not! All Air Lift Performance Suspension kits are racetrack tested and tuned to ensure that your handling expectations are met. We are seriously addicted to the thrill of a corner taken at speed and our suspensions are designed and built to feed that addiction.

What about installation? With Air Lift’s detailed instruction manuals, anyone with the skill to wire a stereo and swap suspension components can have their car on the ground in a matter of hours. Only basic hand tools are necessary to complete the job. Of course “frame modifications” will require fabrication skills…

Coil-over suspension can’t compare with the versatility of air. With infinitely adjustable ride height, no longer do you need to worry about driveway entrances or speed bumps to enjoy a lowered car. Forget about the punishing ride that goes with many conventional suspension choices.

As the leader in air suspension products for over 60 years, Air Lift is committed to delivering quality parts that last. To ensure longevity for the customer, the key suspension components have been tested on a durability rig for over 1 million cycles, which equates to 100K miles. With a 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty, and the Air Lift reputation for great customer service and technical support, you can purchase this kit with peace of mind. Ditch those coils and get yourself down!Air Lift Performance air suspension kits provide the stance you want and the performance you need. Fully engineered to properly fit your vehicle, Air Lift suspension kits offer unmatched static drop, along with ride and handling capabilities that exceed factory suspensions. Lower a little or lower a lot--with Air Lift Performance air suspension kits for front or rear, the end result will be pleasing.

Features individual adjustment of all 4 springs, automatic rise on start, 8 memory settings, and side-to-side roll. Wiring, air lines, and hardware included